About us

Hello. Welcome to Palm’s Locally Made. So glad you’re here. 

I’m Walt Palm, the founder of Palm’s Locally Made. I started my business in 2015 with the goal of making quality foods without artificial ingredients and without artificial preservatives. 

It all started when I was a teenager working in my dad’s restaurant along with my grandmother, aunts and my step-mother. I am now producing sauces and dressings inspired by my family recipes, but with an all-natural and organic twist. 

Our competitors sell the cheaper sauces and dressings that line the shelves of supermarkets. They use cheap artificial, laboratory produced chemicals to flavor, color, and preserve their products (ewwww!). Chemicals like sodium benzoate, red dye 40, and Octyl Acetate are routinely used to produce sauces for pennies but may have a greater cost to your health in the long run. This is why with all of the things you and I have learned about food over recent years, I was compelled to do better than our competitors by providing healthy artisan made products as an alternative.

You would think that supermarkets would be our primary clients. However, they inflate pricing on all the products they sell. Up-pricing can range from 30% and 45% over the wholesale pricing.  This type of agreement only allows for the product to get sold in the store. The product with a general agreement is randomly shelved in obscured locations (peanut heaven top shelf, or bottom basement lower shelf).  To get to eye level shelving, the supermarkets would place more charges on the vendor (me). They charge more to make more money from you the customer and me the vendor. This is why all natural and organic products are not good matches for many supermarkets.

We’re doing something different with Palm’s Locally Made. We are selling our products directly to customers. Without middlemen (the big supermarkets), we can keep our prices fair for our handcrafted products.

We are also selling artisan crafts from our store. Like minded artisans who produce products that are eco-friendly and responsibly sourced are a good fit with our company values. You can feel good about all of the products you purchase from us.

And unlike the big, money hungry markets, we find some really cool, locally made, one of a kind products. No mass-produced, cookie cutter junk here. We’re talking high quality food products.  We’re talking fun colors, industrial and rustic items, one-of-a-kind designs, expert craftsmanship and re-purposed materials.

We find that artisan hand crafted items speak to us. They may speak to you, too!

Find what you love and love what you find!! Shop online today! 

But hurry, because some items may be one of a kind.


Thanks again for stopping by Palm’s Locally Made.